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Make your site AMP compliant for improved search results

Ampify makes any Brilliant Directories website AMP compliant. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) websites pre load in the search results, they are lightweight and are designed to give mobile visitors a fast, smooth, and engaging experience.

Being lightweight and pre-loaded, AMP pages optimize core web vitals score and boost SEO, with up to a 30% increase in search traffic on average and a 70% decrease of bounce rate.

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Pixel Perfect AMP conversion

Ampify's conversion algorithm is the most robust in existence. The result is a near pixel-perfect Accelerated-Moblie-Page at a click of a button.

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Ampify convert HTML to AMP

AMP as a Service

Ampify is SaaS based. activate and manage your site form a single dashboard.

AMP creates growth, and is quickly adopted by the leaders