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AMP Development Platform

Ampify's Development Platform is the most advanced solution for a fast and accurate HTML to AMP conversion and deployment.


Convert Static Design

Ampify's conversion algorithm automagically creates a pixel perfect AMP version of every page


Convert Dynamic Elements

Complex dynamic behaviors are easily recreated with jQuery commands, replacing cumbersome coding


Deploy to your Site

Ampify is SaaS based - minimal to no source code integration is needed.

Pixel Perfect AMP conversion

Ampify's conversion algorithm is the most robust in existence. Hence, it creates a pixel-perfect Accelerated-Moblie-Page version of almost any site at a click of a button.

Ampify convert HTML to AMP
export default () => {    
$('#menu-btn').on('click', (e=> {
$('#menu').toggleClass('active');  });
.cookie_notice{display:none !important}
return { cssIgnore: $.cssIgnore() };
Ampify AMP Dashboard
Ampify Dashboard

Fast Development

Conversion of all dynamic elements and behaviors is done using simple jQuery commands that replace almost all code editing. See example

Your commands are executed by the conversion algorithm. The output is not only a design-identical, but also a behavioral-identical clone of the source site.

AMP as a Service

Ampify is SaaS based. Use a single line of code, or a WP plugin, to deploy your AMP site. No adjustments of your source code are needed.

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