Identical AMP
Made Possible

Accelerate growth with a devtool that empowers developers to quickly recreate complex websites as an identical AMP version.

Ampify Devtool takes in jQuery commands and outputs an accurate AMP version of any site.

AMP Development Platform

Ampify's AMP Development Platform offers the most advanced devtool for a fast and accurate building of AMP sites, using minimal AMP coding and with a lean SaaS integration

Automatically Identical

Ampify's conversion algorithm automagically creates a pixel perfect AMP version of every page

jQuery to AMP

Complex dynamic behaviors are easily recreated with jQuery, replacing cumbersome AMP coding

AMP as a Service

Ampify is SaaS based - minimal to no source code integration is needed.

Quick and simple AMP cloning

Ampify's AMP development platform provides a fast way to accurately develop complex and dynamic AMP sites.

Simple jQuery commands replace almost all AMP coding, and a lean SaaS integration replaces source code editing.

export default () => {    
$('#menu-btn').on('click', (e=> {
$('#menu').toggleClass('active');  });
.cookie_notice{display:none !important}
return { cssIgnore: $.cssIgnore() };

*Year over year comparison


Augmented AMP conversion

Ampify's novel conversion algorithm is the most robust AMP creation algorithm in existence. It creates a pixel-perfect AMP version of almost any site at a click of a button.

When complemented with the devtool's jQuery commands, it outputs not only a design-identical, but also a behavioral-identical clone of the source site.

AMP creates growth, and is quickly adopted by the leaders

Ampify Plans

Developer Account

AMP Development Platform
Free Ampify any site
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  • Ampify Browser Extension
  • Up to 300 webpages
  • Up to 2,000 monthly visitors


End to End AMP
from $ 98                          /month
  • Initial Setup
  • Multiple domains
  • Custom developer account
  • Limitless webpages/visitors
  • Professional Support

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Ampify is a development platform for fast and accurate AMP recreation of any site.


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