We Create Identical AMP Sites

Ampify will convert your site to an identical AMP version of itself.

AI driven. Expertly operated.

Ampify operates the most advanced HTML to AMP conversion technology. The result is a Google prioritized, lightning fast AMP site which is identical to the source.

We Serve:

Content sites

From the simplest blogs to the biggest news sites, your AMP site will be identical to the source.

eCommerce sites

Ampify enables dynamic pricing, product recommendations, and custom catalogs.

recommendations sites

We enable dynamic content across millions of pages, existing and new.

Uncertain about AMP?

about AMP?

Pixel Perfect AMP Conversion

Ampify's conversion algorithm is the most robust in existence. Hence, we create a pixel-perfect Accelerated-Mobile-Page version of almost any site

Ampify convert HTML to AMP
export default () => {    
$('#menu-btn').on('click', (e=> {
$('#menu').toggleClass('active');  });
.cookie_notice{display:none !important}
return { cssIgnore: $.cssIgnore() };
Ampify AMP Dashboard
Ampify Dashboard

Preserve your Site's Functionalities

Ampify supports complex user interactions and dynamically loaded content.
The result is not only a design-identical, but also a behavioral-identical, AMP site.

AMP as a Service

Ampify enables a clean and simple integration, which doesn't require changes to your site's code.

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Ampify is a development platform for fast and accurate AMP conversion of any site.


Ampify Ltd. Begin 116, Tel Aviv, Israel

[email protected]

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