Running Ampify

1. Convert Page to AMP:

  1. Open new browser tab in chrome.
  2. Open Developer tools, and emulate mobile view on iphone x.
  3. Go to the desired page (for example
  4. Click on the extension browser icon.
  5. A tab with the converted amp page will open. Switch it to mobile view in this tab as well. (http://localhost:2310/latest.html#development=1) (the file is located at ./dist folder)

2. Complete AMP conversion:

In this step you will leverage aQuery. It will be used to make design adjustments, and recreate JavaScript behaiviors in the newly formed AMP page.

  1. Open src/index.js.
  2. Write your aQuery instructions.
  3. Run yarn build. (Build file will be located at ./dist folder)
  4. Click the extension again to generate the AMP page with your aQuery code (see previous paragraph - "Convert Page to AMP")

See how to use Ampify to turn a dynamic html page to AMP:

Useful links: