How Ampify Works

  • Ampify is deployed in your site using a single meta tag in your pages' header, or using Ampify's WP plugin.

  • Before deploying Ampify to your site, you will need to create conversion instructions. Here is what it means:

    1. By itself, the conversion engine will output a pixel-perfect AMP version of 95% of all sites. However we need to make sure all the JS-based dynamic elements work as well. So we will always 'prepare' the source html before it is passed on to the converter. This is done by writing the conversion instructions.

    2. The instructions are written using a simple jQuery-based library called aQuery. It is used to provide instructions to the conevrter, which uses it to convert the dynamic elements, and to make design adjustments to the AMP pages. Learn about aQuery here.

      Together with the aQuery conversion instructions, the converter will output an identical AMP version of the site. The AMP version will now include the site's dynamic behaviors (from the simple, like menus, to the complex, like client-server communication). Every element that can be created in AMP, can be created better and easier with Ampify.

Finally, once you upload your instuctions (learn how), use the dashboard to QA your new AMP page. When ready - deploy your new AMP site.