Deploying your AMP site

1. Pushing Instructions to Ampify Cloud

Once you've written your conversion instructions, you'll need to upload the file to the Ampify Cloud. Ampify will use the instructions for the conversion of your site.

  1. The aQuery instructions file is created at dist/ampify.js.

  2. In your dashboard, click the 'Conversion Instructions' button.

  3. Click 'Add'.

  4. Select your instructions file to upload. Return to dahsboard and generate a page to QA your instructions.

    Instruction File Structure:

    Instruction files must abide by the following structure, or else they won't be activated, and might be reject from upload.

window.ampify = function () { /*my aQuery code here.. */}


window["ampify"] = function () { /*my aQuery code here.. */}

You can find an example to a properly built instructions file in the Ampify boilerplate repo.

2. QA your site in the dashboard:

Now, that your conversions instrutions have been uploaded, choose a page from your site, and generate it in your Ampify dashboard. Verify that it looks and behaves as expected, in accordance with your conversion instructions.

3. Deploy your AMP site:

*Word-Press sites: click here to download Ampify's WP plugin, and follow the insturctions.